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Users about WuInstall:
“This software is a great tool, and it's command-line based, which I still like best for having some degree of 'control'.”

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“We believe that optimizing the system update process greatly improves productivity as well as security. Our goal was to build a tool that makes patching completely controllable for administrators to prevent any unwanted interruptions of users and services.”

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WuInstall - Manage Windows Updates

WuInstall is a command line tool that makes it possible to install Windows Updates on demand. This gives you full control over the patching process. You decide what patches should be applied when and on which machine.

Depending on the System configuration it uses either the internal WSUS server or the external Microsoft Update Server to look for available updates. Afterwards those can be downloaded and installed.

WuInstall was first released in 2009 and today it is used by ten thousands companies all over the world; amongst them are a lot of big enterprises across all industries and public institutions.

Advantages of WuInstall:

  • The administrator (or the user) can decide when he wants to look for updates and if he wants to download and install them
  • No annoying reboots during work
  • No hold-ups on Microsoft Patch Day
  • The installation progress can be displayed and one can set time limits for installing updates
  • It is possible to search for updates by product names and to use regular expression to find specific patches.
  • One can temporarily bypass WSUS, which can be useful if one wants to check for the availability of a certain patch that has not yet been downloaded to one’s WSUS server.
  • Log files for all processes are available.
  • WuInstall is a command line tool and can therefore be facilitated by virtually any other program. For example, it can be run in a shutdown script to install updates when users do not need the machine.